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The One That Got Away

I realized something this morning. I wasn’t mature enough for marriage. Coming from a background of Borderline Personality Disorder, getting married before it was in remission was a disaster. I’m sure you are going to think that The Sadist is the one who got away, but no. The one that got away is…me. I know […]

Feelin’ Some Type of Way

This is what greeted me this morning when I opened my astrology app. The app is called Co-Star and I recommend it. When I read it, I knew exactly what it was talking about. It was about my marriage. See, I knew from the beginning that, despite what he said, The Sadist didn’t truly love […]

Sometime Around Midnight

I don’t know what has possessed me to take a trip down memory lane, but here I am. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation making me wallow in regrets or that I’ve been off my meds for months. It started out that I was just looking for a specific post on version 1.0 cause for some […]

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