The One That Got Away

I realized something this morning. I wasn’t mature enough for marriage. Coming from a background of Borderline Personality Disorder, getting married before it was in remission was a disaster. I’m sure you are going to think that The Sadist is the one who got away, but no.

The one that got away is…me. I know said this on 1.0 that I am a different person in relationships than vs. single. I like myself when I’m on my own. The angst is kept to minimum. I was recently told that I don’t meet the criteria for a BPD diagnosis anymore, but I’m also not in a relationship. I’m learning and growing and changing right now, but I still have a way to go. I don’t want a repeat of my marriage in the future. I have been gun shy about dating since my marriage ended because I know how destructive Hurricane Kitten can be. To myself and others. Until I’m transformed, it just going to be me and Girl Kitty.

This is today’s ear worm.